Please choose which product below is right for you. Courses are not currently open to individuals at this time. Please contact us at 360.281.6428 or [email protected] to schedule courses for your workplace.

The experts at Code 3 Safety & Training provide on-site emergency response consulting for businesses and organizations in Portland and the surrounding areas. Our workplace emergency & safety consultations are completely customized to meet the unique needs of each specific establishment. Our emergency management consulting programs include fire extinguisher installation, training, and servicing, emergency response team/fire brigade training, institution of OSHA’s workplace safety program, and fire code compliance evaluations. It’s our goal to empower members of our community to take expert action when faced with any emergency situation.

All of our emergency safety consulting programs are performed on-site and conducted at a time that’s convenient to you. They are run by experts who have the knowledge and experience to teach you and your employee’s necessary safety measures. Contact us today at 360-281-6428 to schedule your on-site emergency response consultation. Don’t let a workplace emergency catch you unready. Prepare. Train. Respond.

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