Due to the pandemic, we are currently only offering “blended” group courses through employers. Courses are not currently open to individuals at this time. Please contact us at 360.281.6428 or [email protected] to schedule courses for your workplace.

Emergencies and accidents are never convenient or expected, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared when these situations arise. Having a fully-formed emergency response plan, emergency training, and access to crucial safety equipment makes all the difference in reducing the risks, mitigating the damage, and clearing the road to recovery. The professionals at Code 3 Safety & Training know first-hand how crucial these emergency skills and tools can be because they’ve used them in real-world situations as firefighters, paramedics, EMTs, and first responders. Through on-site safety training courses in Portland and the surrounding areas, Code 3 Safety & Training’s instructors equip members of their communities with the same life-saving skills that they use on the job.

Our portfolio of on-site safety training courses includes CPR training, first-aid training, healthcare provider BLS, AED training, fire safety training, and a variety of other emergency response training courses that can be customized to address the specific needs of your situation. We choose to work on-site in order to create a safe and open instructional atmosphere, and so that we can establish safety strategies with your particular space in mind. We offer courses geared toward all types of environments, including corporate workplaces, industrial centers, medical facilities, schools, and more.

Each emergency response training course is conducted by experienced firemen, EMTs, paramedics, and/or search and rescue specialists, all of whom teach the same safety strategies that they use in the field. We know these methods work, so we’re eager to spread awareness of them to organizations across our community. What you learn from one of our courses could make all the difference in a high-risk situation.

To schedule your customized on-site safety training course in the Portland area, contact Code 3 Safety & Training at 360-281-6428 or by contacting us online today!. Make what could be a life-saving choice and invest in preparative emergency response training courses today. Prepare. Train. Respond.

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