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Code 3 Safety & Training provides the highest quality OSHA safety training at your location with experienced professionals. We instill confidence while providing value for your company.

It is our mission to provide a fun and relaxed learning environment while teaching important practical and critical skills that can be used to help those in need during an emergency. We strive to provide our students with the confidence to perform these critical life-saving skills by teaching in a manner that invites questions and encourages hands-on experience. Our instructors are friendly and professional and provide the highest quality teaching curriculum and methods. Courses are priced competitively for the purpose of encouraging greater access to this information within our community. Lastly, Code 3 Safety & Training is passionate about public service and doing the right thing, so we give a portion of all class proceeds to medical charity. We look forward to serving you soon.

Derek Stabell
Owner and Instructor, (Retired Firefighter-EMT)

Founder of Code 3 Safety & Training Derek Stabell

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Derek Stabell (Owner)

Safety Consulting / Fire Safety & Medical Training Instructor

Code 3 Safety & Training Instructor Steve Brewer

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Steve Brewer

Safety Consulting / Hazardous Materials Instructor

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Sophia Skimas

Fire Safety & Medical Training Instructor

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Grant Coffey

Safety Consulting / Hazardous Materials & NIMS Incident Command Instructor

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Shon Christensen

Fire Safety & Medical Training Instructor/ Hazardous Materials & NIMS Incident Command Instructor

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Dima Kozachok

Fire Safety & Medical Training Instructor.

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