We provide a selection of high-quality AEDs for your workplace or home. Each AED in our online inventory has been hand-selected by our experts for quality and reliability during emergency situations.

  • All AEDs’ come with a complimentary 30-minute AED training session, which will familiarize your employees with effectively using your AED in the case of an emergency. We will come to your workplace in the Portland metro region at no cost to perform this familiarization and ensure that your equipment is ready for use.
  • Installation of an AED can be included with purchase for $99.95 in the Portland and Vancouver metro region. Additional AEDs’ can be installed for $49.95 each.

Our experts are here to help keep everyone at your workplace as safe as possible during emergencies, so we’re more than happy to help you understand this lifesaving equipment. We will also register your AED/s on the PulsePoint 911 database at no additional charge. Please visit https://www.pulsepoint.org/ for helpful information about this vital first responder program. If you have any questions, please contact us at your convenience.

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