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You can’t predict when an emergency or accident will happen, but you can be prepared. Establishing a concrete emergency response plan, getting trained in emergency skills and strategies, and having access to safety equipment can make all the difference during an emergency situation, and can also reduce the likelihood of one ever arising. The instructors at Code 3 Training have utilized every safety skill they teach while facing to real-life emergencies as firefighters, paramedics, and first responders. They know first-hand the impact that emergency management strategies can have on a situation’s outcome.

Our comprehensive selection of on-site safety courses includes OSHA general safety training, corporate industry safety training, First-AID, trauma training, CPR training, fire safety training, and a variety of other options that are each customizable to accommodate your needs. We conduct all training sessions on-site so that learning can take place in a comfortable environment and so that all solutions are tailored to your specific business space. We also teach strategies that will help you recognize the signs of danger, and we’ll demonstrate how certain accidents can be avoided altogether. We’re happy to provide instruction in all types of workplaces, including corporate offices, industrial centers, medical facilities, schools, and more.

To schedule your customized OSHA general safety training, corporate industry training, or any other training course, give Code 3 Training a call at 360-281-6428. We’ll teach you the right steps to help everyone walk away safely. Prepare. Train. Respond.

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