Smoke Alarms: last line of defense

We are closing in on the winter season and unfortunately with colder temperatures, the chances of fire occurring in our homes increases. Smoke alarms are our last line of defense because they can pick up the odor of burning materials when we are sleeping. Our noses fall asleep when we do, which means that without working smoke alarms installed in proper areas of your home, as recommended by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), we lack the ability to be alerted and get out.

The NFPA recommends a smoke alarm be installed:

-one each level of your home

-in every bedroom

-outside each bedroom or in a hallway

Remember, 2/3 of home fire deaths result from non-working or absent smoke alarms!

A working smoke alarm cuts fire deaths by 50%! 

Take it from our experienced firefighters, smoke alarms make the difference between survival and death.

Home Fire Safety & Preparedness

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