Remember that in the case of a fire, always size up the hazard first before making the decision to use the closest fire extinguisher. Sometimes, the best approach is the most conservative; evacuate and call 911. If a fire is in the beginning stages or is an incipient fire and it can be put out by one extinguisher, then you may choose to slay the dragon. Ensure that you have an extinguisher capable of putting out the type of fire you have and the size is not too large! If you determine it is safe to fight the fire, use P.A.S.S.

1. Pull the Pin
2. Aim at the base of the fire
3. Squeeze the handle
4. Sweep the agent across the base (especially if it is a flammable liquid)

PLEASE BE SAFE OUT THERE and call Code 3 Training if you would like additional information on how to properly evaluate and extinguish a small fire in the home or workplace.

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