How do I relieve choking in an Adult?

Choking can be a really scary and intimidating event for many of us, especially if it occurs to our family members. Please remember that choking is often relieved quickly with the use of abdominal thrusts. But before you jump in, a few things need to be confirmed first;
1. Are they coughing or gagging? If so, encourage the adult to cough harder to help relieve the object themselves.
2. If they are not coughing, are they passing air or able to breathe? Sometimes the adult has a partial obstruction which does not require full abdominal thrusts.
3. Are they giving you the sign that they are choking? The international sign of choking is having one hand at the throat with the other covering it. This sign can be someone pointing at their throat as well.

If the adult is not able to breathe, is not couging or gagging in an attempt to clear their airway, then give the abdominal thrust!

Here is how;
1. Stand behind the patient with one leg between theirs to stabilize them.
2. Make a fist and place the palm side of your fist right over the center of their belly button.
3. Roll your fist on to the thumb, raising the position of your fist a finger or two above the belly button.
4. Thrust in and up forcefully!
5. If the object comes out, continue the EMS 911 response for evaluation.
6. If the patient goes unconscious or unresponsive, start CPR and call 911 immediately.

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