Have you ever wanted to take a basic life support class, but have just never had the time for it?


A basic life support class is one of the most beneficial and educational courses you can take. If you’re always putting off taking the course because of time restraints, read through these reasons why a basic life support class is actually worth every minute of your time. After all, no one ever regrets saving a life.


A BLS class is actually one of the most time-efficient courses you can take


BLS classes are hands-on, and you won’t just learn one way to save a life, but several manners in which you can make a difference in case of an emergency. One class alone covers skills ranging from CPR training and AED training to bystander awareness. Combining these topics into one class will give you all the information you need in a shorter amount of time so that you can get on with your workday or afternoon as quickly as possible.


You can save a life


A few hours out of your day is a small price to pay to be able to save a human life.


If you are ever in a situation where someone requires basic CPR or a shock administered by an AED, you’ll be glad that you took the basic course. Neurological survival is 93% more likely when an unconscious individual is treated with an AED administered shock before they arrive at the hospital.


You will be prepared in case of an emergency


Emergencies can strike anywhere.


And to anyone. Though the thought of losing a loved one is a tough pill to swallow, it’s also a real and frightening possibility. No matter if you’re a parent, sibling, or babysitter, you can rest easy knowing that you equipped with the knowledge and tools that could potentially save your loved one. Every second counts. You want to make sure you know what you’re doing during this potentially stressful time. For example, if a child or adult you know is choking or found unconscious, nothing is scarier than feeling helpless in that moment.


You will learn a lot of valuable information


This information is worth its weight in gold.


It’s not only beneficial to know for you but being certified in basic life support will make others around you feel more secure. BLS classes tackle a variety of scenarios—from what to do if your baby is choking, to scanning the scene before performing CPR on a stranger.

It won’t take too much out of your day

As previously stated, a BSL class combines several topics into one class. So, when you think about it, a basic life support class won’t take up your entire day. Expect the course to last somewhere between one to three hours, depending on your instructor.


The basic life support class is taught by a certified professional


You will learn the best and most updated information regarding safety. During the course, you may ask questions freely and learn some of the best techniques.


You won’t regret spending an afternoon learning this valuable information


There are many reasons why getting CPR certified or attending a basic life support class is worth your time. Though your day may feel jam-packed, being able to save a life is worth the time and effort. You never know when you’ll need to use these sets of skills, but if the day ever does come, you’ll be glad you took the time.

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