PulsePoint is a smartphone application to alert CPR-trained citizens of nearby cardiac arrest incidents and emergencies requiring CPR. The PulsePoint app works directly with computer-aided dispatch (CAD) 911 systems. When an incident requiring an AED or CPR is reported to 911, citizen users of the app and trained EMS professionals will simultaneously receive a notification of the emergency, thereby increasing a patient’s chance of survival. Minutes count! In fact, brain death begins at approximately 4-6 minutes in cardiac arrest. A quick call to 911 and the start of compressions prior to 911’s arrival is paramount for the survival of the patient.

PulsePoint is like an AMBER alert for sudden cardiac arrest victims. It uses location-based technology to alert citizens to a sudden cardiac arrest in their immediate vicinity so that they can start CPR in the critical life-saving minutes before first responders arrive. This app can make a difference in a life or death situation.”

PulsePoint is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their mission is to make it much easier for citizens who are trained in CPR to use their life saving skills to do just that…save lives! Through the use of modern, location-aware mobile devices PulsePoint is building applications that work with local public safety agencies to improve communications with citizens and empower them to help reduce the millions of annual deaths from Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

PulsePoint Saves Lives!
Visit http://www.pulsepoint.org/pulsepoint-respond/ to learn more about their mission.

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