High Quality CPR is the latest effort among 911 CPR providers to enhance the survivability of a cardiac arrest patient. It involves several key components to achieve success. Primarily, it focuses on compression quality and the return of ROSC (return of a carotid pulse) prior to transporting the patient. Transporting a patient prior to getting the patient’s pulse back results in marginal success and is now not usually done in EMS delivery systems. Here are some of the components in high quality CPR as related to layperson or non-911 EMS responders:
1. Provide compressions immediately following an assessment of consciousness and breathing and after calling 911. Conduct compressions-only CPR on a stranger unless a mask or CPR barrier shield is available.
2. Perform compressions at the depth of at least 2 inches in the adult (no more than 2.4 inches) at a rate of 100-120 compressions per minute. Allow the chest to come up fully (chest recoil). Do not lean on the chest between compressions or during breaths. Pull hands up into the “hover” position during breaths in team CPR to allow the ventilator to see the chest rise. 30:2 ratio of compressions to breaths.
3. Minimize interruptions in compressions. (911 providers aim for at least 60% compression time during the course of treatment as compared to the time spent administering drugs, cardiac shocks, airway suctioning and ventilation).
4. Remember that the priorities are 911, compressions, using the AED when available followed by ventilations (breathing).

Please visit our blog to learn more about the 2015 CPR guidelines. Using the High Quality CPR concept saves lives!

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