Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and You

Most people aren’t doctors. Or emergency response trained. That can be a problem. Each year, there are over 350,000 cardiac arrests that occur outside of a hospital. When cardiac arrest occurs, if CPR is not preformed immediately, the victims chances of survival decrease by 7% each minute.

The causes of cardiac arrest are many. Just because your employees work primarily at a desk, doesn’t mean they aren’t at risk for cardiac arrest. Being prepared and ensuring your employees are prepared with basic first aid training and cpr training is a critical factor in workplace safety.

Often workplace safety deals with things like fire extinguishers and the nearest exit and how to get rid of sexual harassment. However in the case of cardiac arrest, we are talking about life and death. Getting an office cpr training course should be on the top of your mind. In fact, it is recommended that every 3 to 6 months, employees go through a refresher cpr training course and basic first aid course.

Benefits of a Corporate CPR Training Course

Save A Life: This cannot be overstated. What value do you put on someones life? Ten dollars an hour? Seventy five thousand a year? Fifteen percent of each sale that person makes? These numbers have to do with monetary compensation for work rendered, not the value of an individuals life. The value of a life is priceless. Training yourself and your employees in CPR and other basic first aid can help save lives. This doesn’t mean within the office either. All of your employees will go home and live their own lives once they clock out. Imagine a mother who gets home and starts feeding her children, when suddenly one of them goes into cardiac arrest. Because she had a CPR training course at work, she is able to respond quickly and save her child’s life. The butterfly effect here is huge. You never know when and where a life can be saved.

What is crazy about this, is that the vast majority of Americans (over 70%) feel helpless and don’t know how to act in a cardiac emergency because they have never been trained in basic CPR. Because of this, only 30% of cardiac arrest victims get any form of CPR from a bystander.

Increased Employee Trust: People want to feel safe while they are at work. Emotionally, financially, and physically. Having a group of employees all trained in CPR and other basic first aid will increase the confidence of everyone in the organization. This increased confidence happens for two reasons. First, it happens because people like feeling a measure of control over their lives. Knowing how to act in a first aid emergency gives people a sense of control. Second, the fact that you invested in the safety of your employees speaks volumes to them about how much you care. This is absolutely one of the best investments you can make.

Increase Employee Health: Along with CPR training comes an overall raised awareness of personal health. Many of the cardiac arrests that happen in the United States are directly related to poor health habits. Low exercise and unhealthy diets are both major factors that increase a persons likelihood to have cardiac problems. Because employees become more aware of these factors, they are likely to shift their perception of eating healthy and exercise. Healthy employees are happy employees who are more efficient and have less sick days. Building healthy habits can also increase confidence in your employees, helping them reach sales targets and other goals.

In the end, a corporate CPR training course is an important investment. Not an investment of your money, but an investment in human safety. There is a growing need for people who are trained in CPR and can perform basic first responder first aid for individuals while the Ambulance arrives. Regardless if the benefit is immediate or not, there is no reason to go without having a CPR course. CPR training can usually be done in a very short amount of time and with groups of employees to speed the process up. Get your employees trained today. The life you save might just be your own.

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