ASHI & Medic First Aid courses on-site:

Code 3 Training is excited to announce our transition to ASHI and Medic First Aid courses for your next on-site safety training class. While we retain the privilege of teaching American Heart Association classes, we feel that ASHI and Medic First Aid has a winning combination of reasonable pricing and offers our customers valuable complimentary resources.

Resources include a free online student manual download with each course offered, card expiration notification, lower priced print manuals and smart phone applications that enhance a student’s knowledge at no additional cost.

The ASHI curriculum in particular is very thorough and offers the student excellent quality video presentations with realistic scenarios and accurate equipment references. ASHI and Medic First Aid is based in Eugene, Oregon and offers solid customer service and prides itself in its curriculum.

As an experienced career firefighter and EMT, I care about the quality of the courses we offer. I am very pleased with the materials provided. Please visit for full details and call Code 3 Training to schedule your next CPR class!

CPR classes in Portland, Oregon

CPR classes in Vancouver, Washington

CPR and First Aid courses Portland, Oregon

CPR and First Aid courses Vancouver, Washington

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