cpr certificationCPR, or cardiopulmonary resuscitation, is done in emergency situations when someone is not breathing or their heartbeat has stopped. While it may seem like this is a job for educated medical personnel only, the truth is anyone can take classes to earn their CPR certification.

Whether you are taking a CPR certification course for your job or you would just like to take it so you can provide assistance in a pinch, this is one skill set that a person rarely regrets learning. Find CPR classes near you today.

How it Works

So, how can CPR save a life? Well, if a person’s heart is no longer pumping, there is no blood flowing to it or the brain, which will eventually lead to their death. In these cases, there is a limited time to get blood running through the body, and CPR could make all the difference in getting the victim stable and breathing again.

In some cases, people will have the opportunity to use a defibrillator with CPR, in which case an electric shock will be distributed to the heart, between compressions. This is meant to get it pumping again, and these devices have saved many lives. Many schools and businesses are now equipped with them, and they train staff members on how to use them, as well.

All in all, CPR gives people the knowledge they need to play a significant role in a life or death situation. Stay prepared by earning your CPR certification today.

Benefits of Knowing CPR

The biggest, and likely most obvious, benefit of learning CPR is having the ability to potentially save a life. In fact, when a person is in critical condition, their survival rate decreases by 7% for every minute they do not receive CPR.

Seconds matter in times like these, so you could easily make a huge impact on the life of a loved one or the lives of countless strangers. There is no end to the people you could potentially help with your CPR certification.

Another benefit is having something to add to your resume. Many fields require their employees take CPR training and, if you come into the job already having done it, you are one step ahead of the game.

All in all, you will gain the extensive knowledge necessary to make you a reliable guide in the event of an emergency. This is an empowering feeling, and it has been known to boost confidence levels, as well. It is something that will earn you respect from friends, colleagues, and family members, and all it takes is a few classes to enrich your quality of life and, possibly, the lives of others.

Your CPR training course is just a phone call away. Get certified today, and you may just save someone’s life.

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