There are many industries that can benefit from enrolling their employees in some form of CPR training — and the fitness and gym industry is one of them.

If you’re interested in learning more about why personal trainers need to receive this essential training to save lives and make their clients feel safer, continue reading.

The Importance of Having This Skillset

Heavy exercise can overwork a weak heart, whether people are in the gym running or lifting weights. This overexertion can lead to cardiac arrest. Additionally, people with these next few ailments and habits are at a higher risk:

    • high cholesterol
    • high BMI
    • high blood pressure
    • a smoking addiction

If they wish to get in shape, odds are their doctor prescribed them with a healthy dose of exercise — which will lead them to a fitness facility in their area. If they are new to exercise, they may not understand how to pace themselves, which can lead to fatal results if they’re not too careful. However, having a trainer well-versed in CPR is almost like having insurance. It’s nice to have it there in case you need it.

A CPR Certification is Mandatory at Some Commercial Fitness Centers

If you’re undergoing the process of becoming a fitness professional, some gyms and certification programs require you to be CPR and AED certified before you can even start working.

Heart Complications Can Happen Anywhere

Getting CPR certified shouldn’t be reserved for the doctors and nurses of the world. Heart complications can happen anywhere, after all. You may be that stranger that saves a life one day.

Every Second Counts During an Emergency

On average, it takes an ambulance eight minutes to arrive from the time the 911 call is placed. Starting CPR can make all the difference between the time the personal collapses to when professional help arrives.

First Aid Training is Also a Crucial Skillset

While CPR is important for the fitness professionals to learn and understand, first aid training can also ensure that gym-goers are safe. An individual could cut themselves on a piece of machinery or drop a weight on their foot. Having first aid experience and CPR training under your belt can help you stand out in your field if you wish to become a trainer.

Some Final Words on CPR Training

In closing, yes — everyone looking to start their career in health, fitness, and wellness should take a class.

While exercising is one of the best ways you can improve your overall physical condition, it can also be dangerous if someone with a heart condition overexerts themselves while at the gym. Physical fitness instructors shouldn’t just be knowledgable about creating exercise programs. They should also possess the skills you need to save a life.

For more information regarding CPR classes, regardless of what industry you’re in, contact us today.

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