If you run an assisted living facility, there are many safety factors that you need to put into place. You are accommodating people who may not be able to put themselves out of danger, which emphasizes the level of disaster preparedness you should have in your organization.

Fire hazards represent the category one hazard that you should be prepared to handle. Every 86 second, a house fire occurs somewhere in the United States. This emphasizes why you need to be cautious about fire hazards and prepare staff members to handle any fire-related situation.


Fire Extinguisher Training Courses


The natural reaction to risks of fire will include buying fire extinguishers in your assisted living facility. To make the disaster mitigation strategy work, you need to enroll your workers in a fire extinguisher training course. Fire safety training is one of the most vital disaster preparedness techniques that is mostly overlooked. Here are some of the reasons why you should make sure that your employees undergo a fire extinguisher training course.


1. Protect Your Clients


In an assisted living facility, most of your clients will not be able to move out in case a fire breaks out. Old age, chronic illnesses, and disabilities may prevent them from seeking safety in areas of the facility that are free from fire. However, if you have trained your workers on how to use fire extinguishers, fire problems will be controlled immediately. Fire will be controlled before it can be strong enough to repel firefighters. This will play a critical role in protecting your clients.


2. Safeguard Your Employees


It is not all about your clients. Your employees are important resources in your assisted living facility. They run your business and as such, you need to protect them against fire incidences and other forms of dangers. By ensuring that they have to go through a fire extinguisher training course, you will be playing a vital role in ensuring their safety. They will know what to do in case a fire breaks out. Your employees will also be essential in protecting your facility against fire consumption.


3. Enhance the Skills of Your Workers


Fire extinguisher training courses are not only geared towards protecting your facility. They are also focused on ensuring that your workers have better skills that can help them later in their lives. Fire aid training is an important skill enhancement to the life of an individual. They will live with the skill for the rest of their life where they will be able to protect other people in other areas of work or even protect their families.


4. Adhere to Government Regulations


In the last few years, most states have made legislation to ensure that the fire extinguisher training course is offered to employees. In an assisted living facility, local authorities will keep on checking whether your employees have been trained on how to use fire extinguishers and other firefighting equipment. To avoid being on the wrong side of the law, it is important to make sure that all your employees have trained on how to handle and use fire extinguishers.


5. Boost Fire Risk Assessment


Regular fire risk assessment is a necessity that is mandated by the government. It helps in highlighting how various safe facilities are when it comes to fire hazards. It also helps in ensuring that the organization has complied with the necessary government regulations. By enrolling your employees in a fire training course, you will be helping them to gain important fire assessment skills. After training, your employees can easily assess the risk of fire outbreak and implement measures that will prevent fire or minimize its impact.

If you operate an assisted living facility or nursing home in Portland, OR or Vancouver, WA, residents can count on your team to protect their family members. It will help you to protect the defenseless clients you have in your facility. Additionally, it will protect your employees and your facility as well. Code 3 Safety & Training is your ultimate fire training facility in Vancouver, WA. On-site training for your employees is available as well. Contact us today for more details.

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