Each year over 350,000 cases of cardiac arrest occur outside of hospitals, and without immediate intervention, a victim’s chance of survival drops 7% every minute. Basic life support classes can help prepare you for the event of an emergency and give you the skills needed to potentially save someone’s life.

BLS classes can give students proper instruction on how to perform CPR on adults, children, and infants. Whether you work in the medical field or in customer service, these skills can be vital to ensuring that you’re prepared should someone around you need aid. BLS classes also have the added benefits that can include:

  • Increasing Confidence
    Confidence is important no matter what industry you’re working in. While many medical positions require CPR certification, even those that don’t can benefit from the inclusion of staff members that have taken BLS classes. Not only can it make your workplace safer for both staff and customers, but it can increase the confidence of your trained members so that they can step in without hesitation.
  • Being Prepared
    Being prepared is possibly the largest benefit that can come from BLS training. People who take BLS courses have the skills to step in and take action that can save a person’s life when they need it most. If someone is unresponsive, for even five minutes, the chance for survival can drop by 35%. Being prepared is can have the biggest impact both in the workplace should an accident or emergency occur.
  • Increasing Employee Appeal
    As an employee with BLS certification, regardless of the industry, employers will often look more favorably on candidates with this type of training. In some cases, this can even be the deciding factor when it comes to hiring a candidate, especially in industries where contact with the public is frequent.

BLS certifications aren’t just beneficial for those in medical fields. All industries can benefit from having staff members with the confidence and skills to step in should an emergency arise. These skills can also benefit learners outside of the workplace in the event an emergency occurs within their family or on the street. Overall, BLS classes are essential for equipping you with the skills to step in and save a life when needed the most.

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