While everyone recognizes the importance of learning first aid, most people feel too busy to set aside a few hours to take the course. Many people are not sure where to go for first aid training, or what basic life support classes they should take.


A lot of people simply keep their fingers crossed that an accident won’t happen to them or their loved ones. Others hope that should the worst happen, a health expert will be around to take charge.


Does this sound like you? If so, then why not take the initiative to learn first aid before the year is out? Here are some of the top benefits of taking a basic life support class.


1. Accidents Could Happen Any Time


Nobody looks forward to an accident. Unfortunately, the future is uncertain, and an accident could be lurking around the corner. Did you know that in the U.S. there’s a house fire every 86 seconds?


Consider recent news items. They reveal how common accidents are in the everyday lives of Americans throughout the country. You could be enjoying your time at home, driving to work, or playing your favorite sport when misfortune strikes. It pays to stay prepared by taking first aid training.


2. First Aid Training Improves Chances of Survival


Following an accident, the first few minutes are extremely important. The kind of treatment that the affected person receives can greatly affect the outcome. Many times, that treatment can be the difference between life and death.


In the event of a cardiac arrest outside the hospital, for instance, the chances of survival without immediate CPR are dismal. With high quality CPR, however, the survival rate rises dramatically to 75%. Given how frequent cardiac arrest cases have become in the recent past, it certainly pays to take CPR classes.


3. First Aid Reduces Unnecessary Hospital Visits


While almost every accident requires some kind of medical attention, not every case necessarily needs to end up in the hospital. Such injuries as a bruised knee, a bumped head, or a sprained knee can be well managed at home or the work place with competent bandaging, or swelling reduction using a wrapped ice bag. First aid training provides these skills.


Moreover, BLS classes provide you with the knowledge you need to prioritize injuries. This way, you can give the critically injured or sick the best chance of survival. With ample first aid training, you can correctly judge whether a person needs further care at a hospital or if you need to seek prompt paramedic intervention.


4. First Aid Can Reduce the Level of Pain Experienced by the Injured


After an injury, most patients experience a certain level of pain. As the person providing assistance to the injured person, it helps to know what to do in an emergency situation. First aid training helps you remain calm as you provide assistance, which is necessary for providing the emotional support the patient needs to keep from panicking.


Additionally, knowing the correct way to physically move someone in pain can help avert further pain. Even better, knowing how to handle their injuries and administer dressings can dramatically relieve the pain they’re experiencing.


5. First Aid Training Increases Awareness


People who have taken first aid classes tend to be more alert to potential health hazards in their surroundings than people without first aid training. They’re thus much less susceptible to accidents and know how to take better care of themselves and people around them.


6. First Aid Training Can Improve Your Job Prospects


A lot of accidents happen in the workplace every year. Employees with CPR certification or who have taken a fire extinguisher training course can generally respond a lot better in the event of a misfortune they’ve been trained to handle. Employers love that. Demonstrating that you have some first aid training during your job hunt can, therefore, help your chances.


In many life and death situations, knowing how to competently administer first aid can make a huge difference. Given that an entire first aid course doesn’t take a lot of your time, there’s no reason you shouldn’t equip yourself with these essential skills sooner rather than later.

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