Fire watch training in Portland, Oregon, is taught by Code 3 Safety & Training using experienced instructors who have actual career firefighting experience. Choose Code 3 Safety and Training for your next Fire Watch class and discover the difference that experience makes. We come to you at a time that is flexible and convenient for your industrial workplace or fire brigade. We service the Northwest in the following industries:

We will provide your employees with the training that exceeds the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and make training interesting and engaging for them. We teach you fire strategy and tactics, use of your specific equipment and extinguishers and will improve your employees’ confidence, skill, and decision-making to create a safer environment.

It is important to remember that prevention is the key to reducing injury or property loss, but there are occasions where this may not prevent an emergency in an industrial environment. Therefore, the right training and employee attitude is the key to success in any safety program. When it comes to fire, it is imperative that employees understand when to engage and when to evacuate.

What is Fire Watch Training?

Engagement is conducted with an aggressive initial attack for an incipient fire with the proper extinguisher of the right size and type. It is also important that knockdown occur quickly to prevent further progression, which may quickly prove to be beyond the capability of employees. If this is the case, a prompt call to 911, cooling hazardous exposures, and/or evacuation may be necessary. Personnel accountability becomes paramount as firefighting forces arrive as this dictates our strategy and tactics to accomplish the mission. We will risk our lives to save saveable life, but risk much less for the property. Fire watch training can be conducted for shipyards, industrial mill sites, and other environments where CFR regulations apply.

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