CPR classes are beneficial for all people to take. Whether you own a business where people may be at more risk of injury — such as at a health club or a hotel — or you work in an establishment where you work with large groups of people at a time and you want to keep everyone safe, you should consider having all your employees take a CPR class.


Did you know that if a person is having an emergency where CPR is required or they need a defibrillator, not having an onsite AED will increase the amount of a time a person waits before they get their first shock treatment by four minutes. This is a staggering statistic, and means that if one of your employees or clients were to suffer a stroke, heart attack, fall unconscious due to a fall, or accidentally drown on your premises, you’d need to take action quickly with CPR and other first aid when you don’t have the proper equipment on site.


Do you know first aid and CPR? Do any of your staff members? If you cannot answer this question in the positive, then you need to make sure you and your employees take this class. Here are a few reasons why your employees should take a CPR training course.


Everyone is Safer


If all your employees, from the people working in customer service to those who are working more behind the scenes, know CPR, then you create a safer environment for everyone. Should a customer require this type of medical care, your staff would be ready and able to safely perform CPR because they took a first aid training course appropriate for your company’s needs.


You Reduce Company Liability


Along with making your employees more capable of administering CPR and first aid to those who need it, when you provide this type of training to your staff you can reduce your company’s liability as well. When it comes to paying insurance for your company, you want to show how safe and reliable your business is so you can keep your liability at a minimum. The less likely you are to be sued due to negligence or other conditions, the better off your company will be when it comes to paying premiums on insurance.


CPR classes can be a great way to help your company succeed. When you get involved in offering CPR classes to your employees, you feel better about the way you run your business as well as know you are doing your best to help present your business in its most positive light with your customers and clients. Speak to a representative to see how this type of training can benefit you today.

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