CPR classes are required in many medical fields to ensure staff members know how to perform this life-saving technique. However, in any field that deals with the general public, CPR training can come in handy. If something goes wrong, every minute that goes by without intervention decreases a victim’s survival chances by 7%. If a bystander or someone in the facility knows how to perform CPR, they can help keep a victim stable until emergency personal arrive on the scene.

Accidents and medical emergencies can happen anywhere, which makes it essential to keep staff up-to-date on the latest CPR techniques. This can ensure they can provide life-saving support should the need arise. For this reason, it is advised that at least one staff member with a CPR certification should be on-hand at all times. Training multiple employees can provide certainty that someone is always ready to help if an emergency occurs.

Why Are CPR Classes Important?

A CPR class teaches rescue breathing, which can help provide oxygen to a victim who has become incapacitated or whose airway has become blocked. This method helps ensure that oxygenated blood can continue flowing until a heartbeat and autonomous breathing can be restored. In order to perform this technique correctly, a person must attend a CPR class and receive a CPR certification, as the technique varies between adults, children, and infants. If the technique is performed incorrectly, the victim may actually be harmed in the process — especially when it comes to chest compressions. A few advantages of learning proper CPR include:

Empowerment of Staff
By having staff members attend a CPR class, you can help empower them to step in and potentially save someone’s life. This can be while at your business, on the street, or even at home with their families. Providing them with the knowledge to correctly administer CPR can boost their confidence and allow them to be better prepared should an emergency occur.

Ability to Save Lives

While it might seem obvious, the importance of saving someone’s life cannot be overstated. A CPR class will give employees the skills they need to step in and save the life of someone who would otherwise be in jeopardy. While you should always call for an ambulance, arrival times can vary depending on how far you are from the nearest station. If a patient is left unresponsive for even five minutes, their chance of survival will have decreased by 35%. If CPR is administered immediately, this can be mitigated, preventing the risk of brain damage from loss of oxygen (and ultimately, death).

Safer Work Environment

Having staff members trained in CPR makes for an all-around safer work environment for both employees and clients. While most staff that work in the medical field, with the exception of dental and vision offices, are required to have a CPR certification, a majority of workplaces aren’t mandated to teach staff these skills. This can be to the detriment of the workplace and prevent staff members from providing the aid needed to keep everyone safe.

Regardless of your industry — whether dental, manufacturing or even retail — having at least a couple of staff members trained in CPR can boost your readiness and help save the life of someone in need. Emergencies can happen anywhere and at any time; having trained staff members on hand is the first step towards making sure your workplace is prepared.

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